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Brass Compression

Available in various sizes for

  • Compression fittings
  • Double compression threaded sleeve fittings
  • Captive sleeve compression fittings
  • Self-align sleeve fittings
  • Lead-free brass compression fittings


Typical Application

Use with copper, aluminum and thermoplastic tubing. Not recommended for steel tubing. Manufactured for low and medium pressure tubing connection work where excessive vibration or tube movement is not involved. Not recommended for application using gaseous media.


See catalog or call for working pressures at 73°F.


Fair resistance – use long nut when greater vibration resistance is needed.

Temperature Range

-65°F to +120°F (-53°C to +121°C) range at maximum operating pressures. (Refer to tubing temperature range.)


CA360 Brass for barstock fittings.
CA377 Brass for forged fittings.

Used With

Aluminum, copper, brass and plastic tubing. Plastic tubing requires insert. Not recommended for steel tubing.


+/- .02 on all dimensions. Dimension data can change without notice. Please call us when dimensions are critical.


Meets specifications and standards of ASA, ASME and SAE.