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Live Swivels

We have various sizes for male and female hydraulic

  • Steel pipe swivel adapters
  • Small pipe swivels NPSM



  • SAE J514
  • 30° Chamfers – Most NPSM pipe swivel union fittings have 30° chafers on NPTF male end of fittings. This chamger is optional per SAE J514. If chamfer is mandatory, consult with our customer service department to verify chamfer exists on items you are requesting.
  • Temperature Range: -65°F to +400° F


  • Steel – Carbon steel trivalent zinc plating per ASTM B633-98 (Type II SC-2).

Torque Values: The torque values provide benchmarks that we believe give optimum results for leak free connections. Actual torque values should be based on individual applications.

Working Pressures

Many factors such as impulsing, vibration, mechanical shock and over tightening may affect the integrity of the fitting and swivel union connection. For these reasons, the recommended working pressures are actually lower than the capacity of the fittings. SAE recommends sufficient testing to ve conducted to assure that performance levels will be safe and satisfactory, especially if installed in systems operating at elevated pressures or in sever conditions. When using fittings with different size or thread type, use the lower pressure rating of the two threads.